Torrox is on the seashore approximately 46 kilometres from Málaga and 56 km from Málaga airport on the N340 coastal highway. It is near the eastern tip of Malaga’s Costa del Sol.

You can get to Torrox by bus, taxi or private/hire car, the choice depending upon such factors as time constraints, budget etc. Hiring a car can, in many cases, work out cheaper than taking a taxi there and back, something to consider.


Taxis leave from right outside the arrivals area and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

If you are planning to travel from Malaga Airport to Torrox, it is highly advisable to pre-book your taxi. If you jump into a taxi at Malaga airport without pre-booking, the official rate for this journey is currently €95,78 on Saturdays, Sundays and Festival Days and after 10:00pm and €80,98 at all other times, although it’s not uncommon to be charged more. You can pre-book with Nerja Taxi Transfers using their English speaking staff here or by calling (+34) 693 900 900 and you can find reviews of Nerja Transfer companies here. Another company that is used by many users is and here you can find Malaga Airport Transfer reviews.


Getting to Torrox by bus involves first getting from Málaga airport to Málaga bus station. Although it may well involve a total journey time of around two hours, it is pretty straightforward, cheap and actually a very pleasant trip. The buses are comfy and air-conditioned.

The A Express bus (Line 75) leaves from outside the T3 arrivals area and follows the route:

Malaga-Airport: Paseo del Parque (Plaza del General Torrijos)-Alameda Principal-Avenida Andalucía-Héroe de Sostoa –Héroe de Sostoa (María Zambrano railway station)-, Avenida de Velázquez (level with Puerta Blanca).

The buses are every 20 to 30 minutes from 06:25 until 23:30 (to the airport) or 07:00 until 24:00 (from the airport) and the cost is currently €3.

The journey time is 20 to 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take the train from the airport to the centre of Málaga.

Train from Málaga Airport to Málaga City

September 10th 2010 saw the construction of a new subterranean train station at the airport, thirty metres from the terminal, meaning an end to long treks with heavy bags. It is a very quick, convenient and easy way to get to Málaga bus station or the centre of Málaga city. The suburban train station forms part of the Terminal T3 building.

First train from the airport to Maria Zambrano railway station is 07.03 and then every 30 minutes until 00:03.

First train from Maria Zambrano railway station to the airport is 05:33 then every 30 minutes until 22:53.

At Málaga Bus Station, purchase a ticket from the Alsa Bus Company office. You want the Nerja bus which goes from bay 38.

06:30*  07:30  08:30***  08:55  10:10  10:30* 11:10  11:55***  12:40  13:40    14:55  16:10 17:10  18:10***  18:40  19:40  20:40  21:45***

07:00  08:15*  09:15  10:30  11:00***  11:45  12:30***  13:00  14:15  15:15    16:30***  17:30***   18:45  19:30***  20:15  20:45***  21:30    23:00

The journey time is approximately 1 hour 25 minutes on a ‘normal’ bus and about 1 hour on a direct bus. The current cost is €3.37 one way.

* Not on Sundays and Public Holidays
Not Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays
Direct. Only stops in Torrox, Torre del Mar and Muelle de Heredia


Leaving the airport by car, the left lane over the flyover takes you to Málaga, Granada, Motril, Nerja and the Eastern Costa del Sol, and the right lane takes you to Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, Gibraltar, Cadiz, and the Western Costa del Sol.

To get to Torrox, follow the (only) exit road from the airport. After the roundabout you will see the ‘San Miguel’ brewery on the right. Resist the temptation and take the left lane over the flyover, heading for Málaga. Take the exit  Ronda de Málaga (Málaga Ring Road), direction ‘Motril’, connecting back to the N340. From here it’s the A7/E15 until you reach the Torrox. Driving time +/- 30 minutes depending upon traffic.

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