Registering on the Town Hall Census (‘padrón’)

It is very important to register on the census of the Town Hall if you live approximately 6 months (or more) in Spain.

Why register?

All services of the Town Hall will be increased: i.e. more doctors, hospitals, police, refuse collection, street cleaning, schools, chemists etc. The more inhabitants registered, the more money the Town Hall will receive from the central and regional government. Another significant advantage is that you will be able to vote in local elections.

Everyone benefits from the services provided (Police, Health Centre, Street Cleaning etc) and by registering we might increase the ratio of services to population and it could mean more doctors or even a hospital.

When you register at the Town Hall it will increase the number of inhabitants and, consequently, increase the funding.

Registering is easy, just go along to the Town Hall with your passport and either your escritura (house title deed), rental contract or an electricity/telephone bill.

In the case of minors, they need to be accompanied by a parent, guardia or tutor and you will also need the family book/birth certificate and a copy thereof.

It is also possible to register other people (apart from family members) living at the one address on the local ‘padrón’. A form needs to be filled out with details of the person in charge of the house (the owner or person under whose name the rental contract is registered) and giving their authorisation to allow other people (listed on the form) to have their ‘padrón’ registration listed under that name and at that address.

The person making the authorisation has to take the form to the Town Hall for processing.

If you move house, you should pop along to the Town Hall and update your registration.